5 Interesting Facts About Istanbul

It is undeniable that Istanbul is a magnificent city and a great tourist attraction. There are several unique factors in the city of Istanbul. It is renowned for its majestic infrastructure, history and its vastness. It is densely populated and inhabited with prolific historical monuments and alluring sceneries. It encompasses a fascinating architectural and cultural heritage. Due to these factors, it has been able to attract a mass of both local and international tourists. In this guide, we highlight the top most interesting facts about Istanbul.

1. Religion.  

The Muslim community mostly inhabits the city. It is common to be woken up by loudspeakers which are emitting prayers in this city. It is to be noted that there are also synagogues and churches, but the most common are the mosques. The Muslims utter prayers in recognition of a higher deity and believe in Allah. This is a religion which is socially conscious and believes in practical approaches to life. They believe in the sanctity of the heart, justice, and humility, which is found at meccas borders.

2. It’s Location.

Geographically, the city of Istanbul is located in two continents. These are Asia and Europe. Although it is not a capital city of Turkey, it is the only one which has the attribute of being located in two different continents. For centuries it has been a center of conflict due to its location. It has acted both as a bridge and a barrier for trade between the continents.

3. It’s vastness.

It is a population of approximately 13 million people. This underlines the fact that people are attracted to this city majorly for economic, religious, and historical reasons.

4. Historical Heritage.

It is important to note that the history of Istanbul is dictated by the ancient events that took place. These are classified into four zones. They illustrate and showcase monuments and magnificent structures that form the base of the city’s major tourist attractions. Among these are the following;

• Sultanahmet Archeological Park

• Zeyreck and Sulamaniye conservation area

• Land walls conservation areas

They showcase the consequent leadership since ancient times, magnificent buildings, notable boundaries, and most famous monuments and unusual structures. Among all these, the architectural designs of the mosques stand out.

5. The Magnificent Sceneries.

There is an active list of the beautiful scenery that are found in the city of Istanbul. These beautiful places showcase eye-catching landscapes. These are the beautifully designed churches and mosques and the magnificent Ottoman palaces.

Economic, religious, and cultural and historical heritage and diversity is the backbone of this city’s economic growth through tourist attractions. The city has found itself to be the most coveted one for tourist destinations. This, in turn, has increased commercial activities, thus boosting their economy. It has been branded as the biggest city in Turkey. Its scenery is the most sought after tourist attractions and arguably the best in terms of accommodation. If you are planning to visit Turkey, you should not miss out in visiting Istanbul – take a look on istanbul 1 week itinerary.